Footfire Soccer Camp 2015!

Camp Enrollment Closed: All Weeks Filled

We're looking forward to a great year!

Information about Footfire Soccer Camp's 20th year!

We will take names for wait lists in each week. Please call: 510-528-2133 or email:

Read about the Footfire Soccer CIT Program for Teens.

Adult Classes, Ongoing

Bellydance with Rebecca Vasile: Wednesdays, 6:15-7:10 pm, Bellydance Conditioning; 7:15-8:30 pm, Bellydance Intermediate. Last class, Wednesday, June 3.

Teen/Adult Capoeira with Professor Xangô : Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:30-9:00 pm. Last class for the spring: Thursday, June 4.

Adults: Kick-start your fitness plan by scheduling a personal training session with Zensay!

Request more information. See the schedule.

Kids Classes, Ongoing

Kids' Capoeira with Zensay: beginners, Fridays, 5 pm, and Saturdays 11am; intermediate, Fridays, 6pm and Saturdays 10am Register ONLINE! Last class, May 30.

Kids Kung Fu all level, Saturdays, 9am. Register ONLINE! Last class, May 30.

Request more information. See the schedule.

Special Events: Cooking Classes

Chef Maria Teresa Capdevielle shares her expertise in Italian cooking in the PLA kitchen each month. In January, Maria's series on Italian Regional Cuisine began with Lombardia and classics such as Osso Bucco and Risotto. For February Maria has planned a Pasta Workshop for students to make fresh pasta from scratch, including learning different pasta shapes and how to pair them with sauces. In March, Maria continues the series on Italian Regional Cuisine with Roman specialities, and in April Maria's Kitchen explores the cooking of the Italian Riviera! Don't miss her last class this Spring: Gnocchi Workshop.

May - Gnocchi Workshop. Learn to make these melt-in-your-mouth Italian dumplings from scratch in this exciting hands-on class. Students will make three different kinds of gnocchi, each paired with a simple, delightful sauce. Menu: traditional potato gnocchi with arugula and walnut pesto; ricotta gnocchi with simple tomato sauce; and polenta gnocchi with mushroom and sage sauce. May 9, Saturday, 3-6pm, $75. Register ONLINE!

April - Liguria: Flavors of the Italian Riviera. Liguria, the northwest region of Italy known as the Italian Riviera, is home to famed destinations as Genova, Portofino, Alassio and Cinque Terre. It is also home to some of the most famous Italy's food, like pesto and focaccia. The cuisine of this region is delicate relying on seafood, fresh herbs, wild greens, mild cheese, and anything that is locally produced. Join Italian chef Maria Capdevielle and discover the flavors of the Italian Riviera in this hands-on class. April 18, Saturday, 3-6pm, $75. Register ONLINE!

March - Italian Regional Cooking: Spring in Rome. Roman cuisine is neither sophisticated nor elaborate, but generous, rich in flavors and character. Menu includes gnocchi, lamb chops, and ricotta cheesecake. March 14, Saturday, 3-6pm, $75. Register ONLINE!

Read more about Maria Teresa's Kitchen on her website and Maria's Facebook Page is full of useful cooking tips and ideas.

All cooking classes take place in our Playing Life Academy kitchen. Sunny and spacious, it's a lovely setting for cooking and enjoying the results!

Playing Life Academy: Builds Community!

Playing Life Academy, home of Brincadeira Viva Academy and Footfire Soccer, located in West Berkeley, has sparked creativity, and fostered confidence through physical and musical arts programs for children, teens and adults for over 20 years.

Where families come to play! We are taking our commitment to the community to a new level this fall with new activities across the age groups.

Playing energizes, motivates and inspires. Playing engages you completely so that learning takes place without struggle. When you play you are plugged in to the healthy and productive best you – the playful you. You solve problems. You exceed expectations. You are confident. You can tell, and so can everyone else, because it's written all over your face in a big smile.

The physical and musical arts are a direct path to your natural physical, mental and spiritual gifts.

Playing is not always easy. There are challenges to be faced at every phase of the learning process. Everyone brings strengths and areas for improvement. No worries. This is just the type of challenge our teachers love. It's what our training space was designed for. We'll build on your innate talents. Then we'll get the creative juices flowing and tailor the program to transform those weaknesses into strengths. Your uniqueness thrills us. It makes all of our lives better.

Our Playing Life students are surprising. After Playing Life the world is their classroom, their playground. Going beyond connecting the dots, our students design the plan. According to their e-mails from Brazil, Europe and other spots around the globe, they are creators and contributors. We couldn't have imagined all the riveting details, but we saw it in them from the beginning and are proud to have contributed along the way. They shatter norms. The way it should be.

We invite you to share our unique Playing Life perspective: see yourself as we do – at your best!